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Make your money work for you, invest in BitTrend and grow your money effortlessly by 5% to 10% monthly with guaranteed safety of your capital.
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The Greatest

Investment Opportunity

BitTrend gives all individuals and corporate bodies the opportunity to make their money work for them by investing in our vision; and earn up to 10% Returns on Investment (RoI) every month. .

why choose bittrend

BitTrend employs strict money management strategies in the use of investor’s capital to avoid any possibility of losing our entire capital in any bad market conditions. BitTrend is duly registered with the CAC and compliant with other relevant regulatory authorities …

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Healthy Returns
Healthy Returns

BitTrend invests only in profitable and sustainable business operations producing consistent profits; and with the launch of our cryptocurrency exchange –BitGrex, you can be rest assured that BitTrend will always generate sufficient profits to pay you a healthy return …

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Real Businesses
Real Businesses

We’re into real time, tangible and verifiable businesses such as Agro (cultivation & supplies), ICT Service Centers, Telecoms, Crypto Training & Signals, Forex Trading & Signals, Real Estate, Transportation, Education & much more… Where we make your money work for you!

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Years of Operation
Years of Operation

BitTrend is in its 2nd year of operation; with thousands and growing numbers of happy and successful investors.

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How to Make

Over 1,000,000 monthly with Bittrend

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