About Us


Welcome to BitTrend

BitTrend Limited is a blockchain and cryptocurrency Company and investment platform established in January,2018. BitTrend is a Nigerian based Company with Registration number RC: 1571159. BitTrend is the most valuable and authoritative blockchain and cryptocurrency Company from Nigeria.

BitTrend is managed by a young team of experienced and skilled professionals from the fields of Management, Information Technology, Finance, Sales and marketing, Financial Technology etc…. Founder & CEO – Chris Onate is an experienced Management and IT Professional with over 25 years combined cross-field experience in Management, IT, Marketing and Finance. Chris is also the founder of KhrisEdge Computing Technologies; an IT company that provides proprietary IT Services, Training and IT business solutions since 2014.

Our investment arm was created for just two reasons –to help us raise the required resources and money to create our own cryptocurrency exchange and our own native cryptocurrency (coin) within the first 5 years of operation using our retained profits and investments capital; and secondly to build a sustainable financial system for all our investors.

BitTrend gives all individuals and corporate bodies the opportunity to make their money work for them by investing in our vision; and they stand to earn between 5% to 10% Returns on Investment (RoI) every month.

The massive profits we pay to investors as returns is generated from our activities in Cryptocurrency trading, Information and Communication Technology Services, Agriculture (Cultivation & Supplies), Financial Services, Real Estate, Transportation, Entertainment and several other offline businesses we are actively engaged in. Producing consistent profits and building massive wealth for our investors.

We have put in place a more solid corporate structure and developed systems that ensures efficient operations and increased profitability. This includes compliance and registrations with relevant regulations and authorities to assure you of the safety of your capital and give you peace of mind plus profit when you invest with us, which is our number one goal.

Our Mission

To build mutually beneficial financial relationships.

Our Vision

To be the world’s most reliable investment opportunity.

Our Value

Flexibility : We believe in creative adaptation to changing business realities for sustainability and increased profitability.Integrity : We believe that a lasting and rewarding relationship is built on mutual respect and trustTransparency : We practice open communication and full disclosureProfitability : We believe that our primary aim is to produce healthy profit to our investors.