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Who is BitTrend Limited?

BitTrend Limited (RC: 1571159) is a blockchain and cryptocurrency Company and investment platform established in January 2018. BitTrend is the most valuable and authoritative blockchain and cryptocurrency Company from Nigeria.

Our investment arm was created for just two reasons –to help us raise the required resources and money to create our own cryptocurrency exchange and our own native cryptocurrency (coin) within the first 5 years of operation using our retained profits and investments capital; and secondly to build a sustainable financial system for all our investors.

BitTrend gives all individuals and corporate bodies the opportunity to make their money work for them by investing in our vision, and they stand to earn 25% Returns on Investment (RoI) every month for 12 months.

The first 3 months is accumulated and paid together at the end of the third month. Afterwards, you will receive 25% monthly for the remaining 9 months.

With a minimum of twenty thousand Naira (N20, 000) or fifty dollars ($50) in cryptocurrency, anyone can be a beneficiary of our investment opportunity. Study more on the About Us Page.

Why Should You Invest in BitTrend?


BitTrend employs strict money management strategies in the use of investor’s capital to avoid any possibility of losing our entire capital in any bad market conditions. BitTrend is duly registered with the CAC and licensed to do what we do. This is to assure you of the guaranteed safety of your capital.

Healthy Returns!

BitTrend invests only in profitable and sustainable business operations producing consistent profits; and with the launch of our cryptocurrency exchange –BitGrex, you can rest assured that BitTrend will always generate sufficient profits to pay you a healthy return of 25% monthly for 12 months paid directly into your bank account. Bonuses will be given to all investors on a regular basis from the profits of our exchange.

Visible Team!

The BitTrend Team members are well known and accessible. Unlike other schemes, where all you see is promoters and networkers; here at BitTrend; you have access to all the Team members of the Company. More so, you can walk into any of our numerous offices and get direct and instant feedback and results.

Real Businesses!

We’re into real-time, tangible and verifiable businesses such as Agro (cultivation & supplies), ICT & Telecoms, Crypto Trading, Training & Signals, Real Estate, & much more… Where we make your money work for you

Check out our Telecom Platform at https://bittrendtelecoms.com

Check out our Exchange (to be Launched this year): https://bitgrex.com

Years of Operation!

BitTrend is its 2nd year of operation; with thousands and growing numbers of happy and successful investors.

Multiple Earnings!

We offer the best and most lucrative commissions and bonuses structure to networkers and influencers who can effectively promote our brand; thus giving all partners the opportunity to earn even more by recommending our good services to their friends, colleagues and family. We have one of the most reasonable and robust referral commission structure in the industry for anyone to EARN MORE with us.


What Does BitTrend Do with Investors Money to Generate Profit

The massive profits we pay to investors as returns is generated from our activities in Cryptocurrency trading, Information and Communication Technology services, Telecom, Agriculture, Financial Services, Real Estate, Computer Education & IT Training and several other offline businesses we are actively engaged in. Producing consistent profits and building massive wealth for our investors.


The FAQ Section covers most of the questions investors and prospects like you ask. You will find there an updating list of the most popular questions being asked with concise and simple to understand answers to them.

I want to speak with a Staff

To speak with a competent and knowledgeable member of staff kindly visit our office or call us:

Corporate Office: Suite C8, Center Point Business Complex; No1 Garba Duba Road, Sokoto, Sokoto State, Nigeria.
Call: 07036576348; 08187362795 (9am – 6pm)

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As part of our vision to be the most valuable and authoritative blockchain and cryptocurrency Company from Nigeria; we have created The BitTrend Blog – providing you with FREE learning resources on the greatest technological advancement of our time.

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How Do I Register Now & Invest?

We have put together a simplified self-registration guideline that anyone can follow to successfully register a free BitTrend Investment account and proceed to make an investment. Easy and Fast. Find HERE the Registration Guideline

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