Best Cryptocurrency Bogs in 2019

Here are 20 Best Cryptocurrency Blogs/Websites for Investors to follow in 2019. These blogs will keep you updated on recent happenings in the crypto world.

As the cryptocurrency industry keeps expanding on a daily basis, a lot has started happening and many things are yet to happen in the entire financial and crypto industry.

Being always updated to the latest trends, happenings and news in the crypto industry is one of the keys to achieving great success in crypto business and investment; therefore we have specially handpicked some of the 20 best cryptocurrency blogs in 2019 from which you can always get first-hand information as we make a highlight them below:

What are the Best Cryptocurrency Blogs in 2019?

The best cryptocurrency blogs/websites for investors to follow include;

  • Blockchain blog
  • Ethereum blog
  • Crypto Mining Blog
  • Finance Magnate cryptocurrency
  • Use the Bitcoin
  • Coin Desk
  • Coin Telegraph
  • The Coin Base Blog
  • Bitcoin News Blog
  • News BTC Blog
  • Bitcoinist Cryptocurrency Blog
  • AMB Crypto Blog
  • Bitcoin Magazine Blog
  • BTC Manager
  • Cryptopotato
  • 99 Bitcoin

Blockchain blog


Blockchain blog is one of the most popular names in the cryptocurrency industry. It is on this basis that cryptocurrency transaction can become possible and the Blockchain blog brings to the cryptocurrency industry most wonderful information both current, past and upcoming which would give crypto investors a very good clue of where to invest or activities to follow up. Blockchain blog is indeed an excellent blog to always check out.

Ethereum blog


Ethereum is the father of all smart contracts with the most popular being the erc20 that provides the basis for all initial coin offering (ICO) and this is important information that most crypto investors needed to know.

The Ethereum blog brings most vital information about Ethereum network, smart contract projects that use the Ethereum network and cryptocurrency in general, as well as publish information about price analysis when ethereum is up or down and future estimations as Ethereum is the most competitor of Bitcoin. More so, Tweets, text messages and links are being provided on the Ethereum blog which makes Ethereum blog a great blog channel.

Crypto Mining blog


Crypto mining was made possible in 2017. Mining involves the replication of a cryptocurrency through the mining network. The essence of mining is to acquire more of that coin, the crypto mining blog brings about information about how to min different cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin BTC, Electroneum ETN, Litecoin LTC, and many other digital assets. The crypto mining blog also provides in-depth information about various strategies to make the most successful mining as the more coins you have the more the quantity to be mined on a daily bases. Is a fantastic crypto blog channel to always check for information.

Finance Magnate cryptocurrency


This blog covers everything about cryptography, Blockchain, artificial intelligence, futurism and other technologies. It was founded in 2009 by Michael Greenberg who was into forex trading.

Realizing that cryptocurrency has great potential, Mr Michael decided to start adding crypto-related contents and information to serve his clients well and other crypto investors around the world. Finance magnate cryptocurrency is one of the most popular blog pages that everyone who wants to make it real-time should always read through.

Use the Bitcoin


This is one of the special blogs that is known for giving daily cryptocurrency news of many different digital assets. Use the Bitcoin blog has a section where it provides analysis of the different trends in positive and negative lights and elaborate guides for which investors can follow as the guide will help for deciding to invest or not to invest in a project. It also provides opportunities to advertise new or upcoming projects on the blog website or use the Bitcoin. It is one of the excellent companies so far to look out for cryptocurrency updates.

Coin Desk Crypto Blogs


The coin desk is among the most popularly known cryptocurrency blog channel which crypto traders and investors regularly lay hands on for first-hand crypto information. Coin desk provides a section where cryptocurrency beginners get guide information to Blockchain technology and as well gives technology news of different projects.

Coin Desk also publishes information about market news, business partnerships, data and research and as well have organized recently one of the highly rated crypto conferences in the world known as the Consensus Summit and has performed very outstandingly in the cryptocurrency industry. Coin Desk remains one of the topmost cryptocurrency in 2019.

Coin Telegraph Cryptocurrency Blogs


The coin telegraph blog was founded in 2013. And publish interesting detailed information about world Blockchain and cryptocurrency events, as well as mining tools and collection of all altcoins in the expanded cryptocurrency industry.

Cointelegraph also provides current information on key topics related to trading, crypto news, upcoming, ongoing and ended initial coin offering (ICO) events. Cointelegraph blog publishes all-round information as far as the cryptocurrency industry is concerned and that is another reason it has attracted a lot of project advertisements on the blog website. Really this is an excellent blog channel to always visit.

The Coin Base Blog


Coin base blog can be accessed through the use of the medium social channel. So anyone who wishes to read the information published by the coin base blog should create a profile on medium. Coin base remains one of the highly professional and popularly known crypt blog channels.

Coin base has a crypto exchange section where cryptocurrency investors can buy and sell more than 4,000+ different cryptocurrencies exchanged with different pairs. Coin base blog offers general news and information about listed coins, upcoming and ongoing ICOs as well as crypto analysis which would help anyone do well and achieve his or her crypto pursuit dream.

Bitcoin News Blog


Among other blogs, the Bitcoin news blog focuses its attention on Bitcoin and not particularly to other cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin is the most popularly known crypto with the highest liquidity and usage around the world. Publishing by Bitcoin news blog is being made by gurus in the different sectors including finance, cryptocurrency and taxes. Other crypto projects draw insight from the Bitcoin news blog published regular news and analysis. The Bitcoin news interface is super and very interesting you understand things even at a glance. Is one among the best blog to be held.

News BTC Blog


News BTC is leading news and blog channel established in October 2013 with the core aim of providing high-quality crypto news content as technological transformation continues to go on around the world most especially in computing, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and a lot of growing enterprises.

News BTC Blog was established to help educate and inform the crypto enthusiasts, investors and entrepreneurs but with focus on Bitcoin reviews and analysis.

Bitcoinist Cryptocurrency Blog


The bitcoinist blog was founded in 2013 and it has attracted more than 2.5 million readers who have joined the Bitcoinist blog platform. Bitcoinist focuses its information about monitoring the rate of Bitcoin to the US Dollar which has been derived from the several average Bitcoin exchanges.

Daily post about different project investments can be gotten from the Bitcoinist blog platform which included sections for ongoing projects as well as upcoming and past events. Crypto traders and investors can get much detailed information from the Bitcoinist blog to help them in drawing their personal analysis and area to focus on their investment career.

AMB Crypto Blog

This blog focuses on publishing information related to ICO listing and it has extensive information about initial coin offering which has been one of the things that made the Amb crypto blog to have attracted more than 1+ million readers since it was established in 2018.

One of the interesting things about the information published on the Ambcrypto blog is that the publishers make clear analysis between Blockchain, cryptocurrency and the various historical evolutions with the insertion of memorable quotes as well as screenshots for easy understanding.

Bitcoin Magazine Blog


Bitcoin magazine blog focuses on publishing information that attracts the crypto big players in vital areas such as trading of the different cryptocurrency coins and tokens, mining with the best strategies, exchanges as well as gambling activities. Bitcoin magazine blog publishers also try to analyze the use of Bitcoin as a method for the payment of goods and services, a value gauge, Bitcoin key monetary function, and as well as a standard for much other payment methods. This blog is one of the oldest platforms for sourcing cryptocurrency-related information and has attracted much focus and attention of readers and crypto investors.

BTC Manager


There is daily news about Bitcoin, Blockchain and financial technology that gives accurate and accurate information about events and happenings. The BTC Manager is very careful and sincere in publishing truthful information without biased. The BTC Manager has an advertorial section where different ongoing and upcoming projects can be advertised. Newbie in the cryptocurrency industry can find very helpful information on this blog platform which would help them to kickoff with their crypto career. Daily price analysis of Bitcoin and other coins are made available on BTC Manager blog that makes it so unique to checkout always.



Cryptopotato publishes all-around cryptocurrency information, including crypto news, crypto trading guides, Bitcoin price analysis, stock market analysis and overview, airdrops, market updates, Ethereum price analysis and interviews

Cryptopotato is one of the best blog channels which over a lot of opportunities to crypto investors and enthusiasts. it is a place where crypto beginners could gather a lot of useful crypto content, again cryptopotato publishes daily price chat and analysis with great translation into different languages including English, Russian, Hindi, Dutch, Espanol. Etc.



Coin idol is a source for the latest news and reviews about advanced financial technologies and the global economy. Coin idol keeps her publishing focus on Bitcoin and Altcoins, Fin Tech, financial innovations in the global market as well as Blockchain technologies.

Coin idol also makes available free weekly newsletter which they send to their news subscribers to stay updated on the happenings in the crypto industry. Bitcoin price chart is always made to be seen daily with advertorial opportunities to publish chart projects. Coin idol is a wonderful information channel.

99 Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Blogs


This blog channel is purposely created for new cryptocurrency beginners. Is a place of learning for new people who would want ti know what Blockchain, cryptocurrency is all about. In 99 Bitcoin, you can find a lot of content for educational purposes including guides, tutorials, videos about things related to Bitcoin, crypto wallets, and initial coin offering (ICO). 99 Bitcoin does not focus on news publishing like coin Telegraph, CoinDesk, Bitcoinist and others who publish news related information, therefore 99 Bitcoin gives a newbie a greater opportunity to learn and understand what crypto industry is all about.



Coinspeaker has achieved a great milestone in the publishing he makes available within a very short period of time and has attracted more than 300,000 readers and visitors around the world. Coinspeaker publishes information related to Bitcoin, Blockchain, cryptocurrency in general, FinTech, and Altcoin market. Considering the rate at which the crypto industry grows, coinspeaker makes available all upcoming, ongoing and past crypto ICO activities to make sure that the readers and visitors are not left behind.

COINCENTRAL Cryptocurrency Blogs


Coincentral has performed wonderfully well in all their publishing content and has pulled to themselves a greater number of readers and has recorded more than 550,000 people since it was established in October 2017. Coincentral focuses on all cryptocurrency as far as the coin and Blockchain industry is concerned. Coincentral is one of the blog companies that pay a good salary to their content creators and this has helped the company to grow rapidly to greater height compared to other blog channels. Coincentral excellently displays various crypto price chart and analysis on the user interface for easy understanding of the market trends. This is a great place for placing project adverts as coincentral has huge visitors and readers.

LET’S TALK BITCOIN Cryptocurrency Blogs


LTB Network is a blog that focuses on all information concerning Bitcoin, all Blockchain news. LTB is a popular name which has attracted much attention of crypto readers and investors. It publishes latest crypto news, upcoming and ongoing events as well as provides an archive section for past events from which readers could get reference information and quick investment decision.


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