Frequently Asked Questions

Find here an updating list of the frequently asked questions by investors and prospect with concise and simple to understand answers to them.

    • Is BitTrend Registered?

      YES! BitTrend is duly registered with the CAC with Registration Number -RC: 1571159 and compliant with other regulatory frameworks such as the Anti-Money Laundering Act, to assure you of the safety of your capital and give you peace of mind when you invest with us plus profit which is our number one goal.

    • Is BitTrend a ponzi?

      No! A ponzi scheme is unsustainable. In a ponzi scheme, you’re paid with another member’s money, and that member is also paid with yet another member’s money and the chain of disaster continues like that until it reaches a peak and everything collapses like a house cards. We are invested in multiple sectors: Crypto & Forex Trading, Agriculture, Education & Training, ICT, Transportation, etc…. BitTrend is actively engaged in productive activities that generates daily profits. Period!
      This is our 2nd year in operation and growing wildly every month. No Ponzi scheme can survive that long.

    • When did BitTrend start?

      BitTrend started operation on the 23rd of January, 2018 as BITTREND GLOBAL RESOURCES and was rebranded to the current name of BitTrend Limited on the 22nd of March 2019 to enable us take advantage of bigger opportunities grow.

    • What is the meaning of ROI

      ROI means Return(s) on Investment! That is the 25% you receive monthly. Note that the 25% cumulative interest for each of the first three months is paid together on the third month; you will receive 25% monthly afterwards for the remaining 9 months.

    • Do I have to withdraw my ROI monthly

      No! Your monthly ROI is paid directly into your bank account without you having to lift a finger. Note that the 25% cumulative interest for each of the first three months is paid together on the third month; you will receive 25% monthly afterwards for the remaining 9 months.

    • Can I invest with crypto currencies?

      Yes! You can invest using one of over 250 accepted crypto currencies and also get paid your ROI in BTC or ETH and cash as you prefer. All you need do is give us the relevant wallet address or bank details and your ROI will be sent to that accordingly.

    • Can I withdraw my capital at anytime?

      YES! You can request a refund of your capital anytime; However, you will be charged 25% inconvenience fee and the balance returned to you after removing any previous ROI u have collected. If you have collected up to the amount you invested as ROI,
      you are not entitled to any capital refund and your account will be liquidated immediately upon submitting a capital refund request.

      In the event of any major setback such as losses or business disaster, resulting in late or extension in payment of ROI; there shall be no refund of capital (all such requests will not be honored immediately)
      until the time when the Company is fully recovered and meeting profit targets. We are more concerned with the survival and continued sustainability of the Company and demand the same level of concern, cooperation and support from all investors.

    • Must I refer before I earn?

      No! BitTrend is not a MLM company or pyramid scheme. However, for every investor you referred to BitTrend you earn 2% referral commission as a regular investor and 5% referral commission for Reps.

    • Can I refer myself?

      NO! You cannot refer yourself. BitTrend reserves the full rights to liquidate any investor’s account that’s caught cheating the system by creating multiple accounts with
      different email addresses and referring himself with the aim of enjoying referral commissions. It is criminal to refer yourself on the BitTrend platform and any such commissions
      will not be paid and all the accounts could be summarily closed without warning or notice.

    • Can I Operate Multiple Investments?

      Yes! You can operate multiple investments within the same account and the ROI for each will be deposited into your designated bank account or wallet address on their separate due dates.

      There is no limit to how many investments you can maintain within a single account.

    • Will I get my capital back after 12 months?

      No! Your monthly ROI is inclusive of both your capital refund and profit. Do the mathematics; 300% of your investment capital will be paid to you in the period of the 12 months.
      Remove 100% which is your capital and your profit is 200% of any amount you have invested.

    • Where is your office located?

      Corporate Office: Suite C8; CentrePoint business complex. No 1, Garba Duba road, Sokoto state, Nigeria.
      Abuja (Partner) Office

Do you have a question, still need some more clarifications, or would like to inquire more and partner with us, feel feel free to contact us