Hello, have you wondered and searched for suitable ways to make money online? BitTrend Limited is a good option for you to explore.

Please kindly read more about this cryptocurrency investment company.

About BitTrend

BitTrend Limited is a global blockchain and cryptocurrency Company and investment platform which started operation in January 2018.

BitTrend gives you the opportunity to make your money work for you by investing in the Company and you earn between 5% to 10% returns on your capital every month depending on the investment contract you subscribe to.

At BitTrend, you invest a minimum of once hundred thousand naira (N100, 000) or three hundred dollars ($300) in Bitcoin and earn upto 10% of your capital (seed) monthly.

How BitTrend Generate Returns for Investors?

I asked the exact same question when a good friend of mine first told me about BitTrend. BitTrend is actively and primarily engaged in cryptocurrency and Forex trading & Mining, flipping of ICOs, building and growing series of offline businesses in Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Transportation, Agriculture, Financial Services, Real Estate, Entertainment, etc… producing consistent profits and building massive wealth for investors.



Aside from the regular ROI which I receive directly into my bank account every month, BitTrend offers a robust referral program that can make any serious networker literarily rich!

As a Representative of the Company, I earn even higher percentage commissions which are paid daily and directly into my bank account. Find details of their referral program below


This referral system was put in place to support and reward handsomely anyone who refers their friends to take advantage of the BitTrend investment opportunity.

Please NOTE: This is not MLM or some kind of Ponzi schemes. The money paid out to referrers is a share of the Company’s marketing budget. The best form of marketing is word of mouth. People trust people and they are leveraging on this to reward all investors and partners promoting BitTrend.

Referring people to the BitTrend Limited investment platform is not compulsory but an opportunity for anyone to earn extra income from the platform.

The Regular Referral Structure | How to Make Money Online through BitTrend Referral

Upon registering on the website, all members are assigned a unique referral link with which they can refer their friends to the platform. Find the step by step guide for creating a free account and making the investment all by yourself here

For every new investor, you refer you earn a 2% direct referral commission paid directly into your bank account within 24 working hours of confirming the investment.

For Example:

Godwin, Joy, and Peace are all registered members and investors of BitTrend Limited.

Godwin refers Joy and earns 2% of any amount Joy invests as direct referral commission.

Note: You can register and refer people even without having an active investment on the platform. However, your commissions can only be redeemed when you invest or when you qualify and become a Representative. And anyone caught cheating the system will forfeit all accrued referrals and may have their accounts summarily closed. So please take note and play fair!

You Can Earn Even More By Becoming A Representative –Like Me!

As a Representative of BitTrend Limited, you earn even bigger with their massive payouts. Representatives are entitled to 5% direct referral commission instead of the regular 2% and you still enjoy lots of support funding from the Company for good performance.

Who is a Representative?

A Representative is a class of individuals or user category that’s created to work directly with the BitTrend Team in effectively promoting the BitTrend brand and all its associated products and services, including those products or services to be added in the future.

The place for Reps was created because no matter how good the Team is they can’t reach everywhere all by themselves.

They need people like you and me who understand the vision and mission of BitTrend Limited and commit to making this a reality for everyone.

To become a Representative:

  • 1. You must have at least 20 active direct referrals or accumulated referrals investment of five (N15,000,000) million naira (whichever happens first) within 3 months.
  • 2. You must create, manage and grow an active social media page of not less than 100 members or followers solely for promoting BitTrend Limited; or have a blog page that is at least 6 months old with regular readership.
  • 3. You must be an active social media or community influencer with at least 1000 verifiable active followers.
  • 4. Once you have the above, then you can submit a written application indicating your interest to function as a Representative of BitTrend Limited; to reps@bittrendltd.com

As a Representative, you are required to meet the following minimum requirements to maintain your status and avoid being demoted to a regular promoter. Please note that the will demote any Rep found to be consistently non-performing without any notice.

Minimum requirements to remain as a Representative:

  • 1. Plan, Organize and carry out at least one (1) offline seminar monthly.
  • 2. Directly refer a minimum of 10 new investors monthly.
  • 3. Build, nurture and grow a Team of active regular promoters, investors and customers. Team building is very important.
  • 4. Actively promote all existing and new coming products of the Company on your social media page(s) or blog.
  • 5. Maintain and grow a healthy and active social media community.


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